Living la Vida Carnivore - Part 1

Tim Hoven, Carnivore

Tim Hoven, Carnivore

The number one thing that people ask me about is my carnivore diet. You can see the eyebrows furrow up, their jaw drops slightly, and some people even make an audible gasp. Friends have even given me the nickname ‘Scurvy’. It has been about 18 months and I have never felt better in my entire life.

I am 48 years old. I was in a fairly major accident when I was 34. I wrecked my shoulder, broke a minimum of 4 ribs and as a result, I had four surgeries within the next 18 months to fix me up.

And I hurt. I lived on Tylenol 3 for those 18 months. Even after I recovered from the surgeries, my body ached every day. I remember waking up, sitting up on the edge of the bed, and doing a mental inventory of how my body felt. “This hurts and that hurts. This part seems ok. “ I actually wondered how I was going to live my life when I hurt this bad all the time. How was I going to be able to function at 50 when I felt this bad at 34?

I was not in a good space.

I suffering for a few years with this constant soreness and pain. Then on a Father’s Day way back in 2009, we attended a family event and we were discussing diet trends. Someone brought up a crazy new thing called the Paleo diet and it meant eating no grains. For some reason, I was completely intrigued. I grabbed my iPhone, opened the Kindle app, and bought the first book I could find on it - The Primal Blueprint.

I devoured the book and read it all before I went to sleep that night. Dropping grains out of my diet might stop the inflammation in my body that could be causing the pain I was experiencing. I made the decision to stop eating grains. No wheat, no oats, no rice. I would eat only beef and vegetables.

Was a bagel worth all the pain I was experiencing? No, it wasn’t.

That was Sunday night.

By Wednesday morning, I was a new man. My aches and pains were gone. I woke up and I remember sitting on the edge of the bed and I felt so different. I didn’t hurt. I felt good. I questioned if I had had a stroke overnight and something was not right in my head as I had been hurting for so long and I felt so different. The pain was gone.

Within 72 hours, my life had completely changed.

All because I stopped eating grains.

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