Blogging at Hoven Farms

As most of you know we run a large organic, grass finished beef farm.

My husband has recently placed into my "lap" the responsibility for marketing, blogging, and running the orders & deliveries for our farm. He carries enormous responsibility so I understand his reasons for needing to pass on these....we'll call them blessings ;)

We have so many adventures and unexpected things happen on our farm, that it is somewhat exciting to attempt the art of blogging.

What makes it extra fun, is the opportunity that I have had to pair working on with the other responsibilities that I have. I wear many hats but the one that is of top priority is to educate my children. We homeschool and have graduated four of our children, with four more still to go. We try to pull our kids into all the exciting endeavours on our farm and you will likely see each of them (and their talents) posted to our blog at some point in the future.

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