What our Customers are Saying

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Hi Tim & Lori
Just want to tell you about the excellent beef blade roast we purchased from you. Lorraine cooked it up for dinner tonight and it was the most tender delicious meat ever Thank you very much  - E and L M

Hey, I thought I would share with you results of this experiment. Maybe you recall I mentioned my wife is allergic to beef in restaurants and the stores. Anyways, she HAS NOT reacted to any of your product at all. She is literally a litmus test for whatever the hell she is allergic to. Her face normally turns strawberry color and itches/burns like crazy when eating beef.

So, our family would like to thank your family for your product and services. We will be a regular client. - Jerry and Milka

Not only does Tim sell the best beef out there; the amount of time he spends on educating the public on every aspect of organic beef is incredible. His videos and blogs on how his meat is raised and terminology in the market is extremely helpful!-Natalie

Our family ordered 1/2 beef and 1/2 pork in November for delivery in December. I can honestly say this is the best tasting beef and pork I've had in over 10 years. I will only buy from Hoven Farms in the future!!! I highly recommend their beef and pork. You will not be disappointed. -Lisa

"I am slowly eating one of your steaks as I type...my wife picked up a few today  and I think it's the first time we've had your steak. We're not massive meat eaters, though love a good steak. We are very particular where we get our meat from (we like it to be traceable or as close to organic as possible)... kudos to you and your team for making such a delicious steak available at a decent price for me and my family to enjoy."  -Eoin

"Last year was the first time we purchased 1/4 of a cow from you and our freezer is almost empty and are so happy to know we have a place to get healthy beef and more and hope you will always be around." -Sherry,

"My husband and I purchased extra lean ground beef and a few steaks from the  Market location last weekend. The staff was AMAZING and so very informative. The meat was phenomenal, I really was not expecting it to taste any different then the non organic supermarket meat, but it really did! Plus my 2yr old devoured the meal we made with it. (normally she spits beef out). I will be back for more for sure!" -Amanda

"Firstly – Thank you for the great food. My wife finally enjoys the little meat she does eat thanks to you.I wanted to put in a good word for Jerry at the Farmer’s Market.  You can tell he cares about the food and people.Hope you are all around for a very long time!  I let everyone know about your food." -Norm

"We ate your beef exclusively when I was pregnant and now that a little lady is starting solids, we want her to have the best beef in Alberta too!" -Jill

"Hoven Beef's customer service was fantastic (thanks for the shrink wrapped tenderloins, they are going to be perfect at my dinner party on Wednesday!)" -Natalie

We love buying in bulk from you because it makes eating organic beef more affordable. We also like that we're supporting a local farmer who shares our values and is making a difference. Thanks!" -Cindy

"the very best beef around ....." -Rene

"Just a little note to say we REALLY enjoyed our meal tonight. Thanks, and we'll watch for more WOW moments in the future." -T.B.,

"We have been purchasing meat from your shop for many years now and your products are exceptional. Last week, I purchased a couple packages of stewing lamb.  The meat was of high quality with very little fat. It was very well cut and trimmed and I want you to know that I really appreciate the quality and thank you and your staff." -A.K and D.K,

"I bought an "Eat Like a King" pack this summer, and I feel like I've been eating like a king since! I love knowing there are no added hormones or antibiotics and that the meat I am eating is as healthy as possible! I also appreciate that the cows are treated well by you and your staff!" -Kirsten

"We notice a Huge difference! Taste, Texture & Flavor is lean, yet moist melt in your mouth wholesome & healthy. We have been buying Hoven Farm Freezer boxes & fresh meat for years. Nothing but the best in our kitchen!" -Cindy