Whole, Half, Split Half Beef Freezer Packs

Hoven Farms use regenerative farming methods on our land to build up and rejuvenate our soils, raise healthy animals and grow better food for human beings.

Our whole, half and split-half beef are 100% grass fed, grass finished and are Certified Organic with ECOCERT.  

Hoven Farms has a standard cutting template that we use for our customers.  After over 20 years of discussing and talking orders, the cutting instructions template gives a great variety of cuts and has simplified the process and made our customers very happy.

Whole and halves are completely customizable if you would like to change the cutting template.   We do need to know at the time of order any customizations that you choose for your whole or half beef.  Our butcher is unable to customize the split-half orders.

Whole, half, and split-half beef is $7.27/lb plus the processing cost.  

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