Pastured Chicken Eggs (sales are coming to an end soon- please read below)

We are approaching the end of our egg-selling season.  Each fall we sell our laying hens as we choose not to keep our laying hens over the winter.

We have fewer eggs to sell during the month of September, and as October approaches will shut down eggs in our online store.

Thank you for purchasing our pastured eggs during the summer of 2021!


1 Dozen for $6

BUNDLES of 5 Dozen for $25

We are using used cartons this year.  Please offer us your clean used cartons!

Our pastured eggs come from chickens who live out on pasture and roam in the grass.  Their canola-free and corn-free diet consist of Country Junction Organic Layer Ration and organic grain grown here on Hoven Farms.  

Along with the grain and layer ration, they eat grass, bugs, and whatever else they can catch on the range!