Farm Tours

There is something so grounding about venturing out to the farm, seeing the animals, and connecting with the land.  

We love giving our community the opportunity to see how our animals are raised and are welcoming a limited number of guests for our farm tour.

Whether you have tasted our meat before or are simply curious about farm life we invite you to come out to see goes into growing our grass finished beef, chickens, eggs, and pork.    

See our lush green pastures, come along for a cattle move and see our beef cattle at all stages of life- calves to fattened animals and bulls, pick eggs from our pastured laying hens, pet our baby kittens, and tour new meat shack. 

If you head out to our farm and arrive at 1:00 PM on Sunday, September 13th, we will get started on our tour.  

The discussion is geared towards adults, addressing our pasture management practices, and how the health of our animals affects the health of our people.  Kids will learn by watching, hearing, and petting our animals. 

You will get just a little taste of the rhythms of our farm, what we do, worry about, and immerse ourselves in daily.  Meet 3 generations of our Hoven Family and ask us questions related to farm life or family life.

We'd love to meet you!!

There are spots for 20 adults for our 1 PM tour.  Children can attend without needing to book a spot.  

Directions to our farm: 

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