The Grizzly Freezer Pack

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The Grizzly Freezer Pack contains Hoven Farms Organic Grass Finished Beef:

Included in the pack are:

1- 3lb Cross-Rib Roast or 1- 3lb Chuck Roast

1- 3lb Rump Roast or 1- 3lb Inside Round Roast

1 Eye of Round Roast or 1- 3lb Sirloin Tip Roast

2 Top Sirloin Steaks (Approx 1.2 lb in total)

2 NY Strip Steaks (Approx 1.4 lb in total)

2 Rib Eye Steaks (Approx 1.4 b in total)

20 lbs of Lean Ground Beef

There are 33 lbs of beef in this pack.

The Approximate Full Retail Price of this pack is $419.35.

The cost of this pack is $420