Hoven Farms- Half Beef - Deposit

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Hoven Farms use regenerative farming methods on our land to build up and rejuvenate our soils, raise healthy animals and grow better food for human beings.

We believe that grass-finished beef is amazing food and an amazing tool that is the only solution for solving climate change and desertification.  We have had scientists and filmmakers on our land looking, exploring what we do, and testing our soils.

Our Half Beef is grass-fed, grass-finished, and certified organic. 

What is a half beef?  A half beef is cut, wrapped, frozen, and delivered to Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, and other locations


How your beef will be cut:

We use a CUTTING TEMPLATE for our beef.  After over 20 years of selling beef, we have found a cutting template that makes our customers very happy.  If you would like to make changes, please let us know WHEN YOU PLACE YOUR DEPOSIT as a half beef is completely customizable and can be cut any way you like. 


Cross Rib – 3lb roasts
Sirloin Tip – 3lb roasts
Tri Tip Roast - whole
Rump – 3lb roasts
Chuck – 3 lb roasts
Eye of Round Roasts 

Steaks - 1 inch thick
Tenderloin – 2 steaks per pack
New York Strip – 2 steaks per pack
Boneless Sirloin – 2 steaks per pack
Ribeye – 2 steaks per pack
Back Ribs - 1 piece
Boneless Round – 2 steaks per pack
Flank Steak - 1 per pack

Other Cuts Include:

Lean Ground Beef in 1 lb vacuum sealed packs
Stew Meat - 10 lbs in 1 lb pack
Short Ribs -3 pieces per pack
Stir Fry Beef – 6 lbs in 1 lb packs

Meaty soup bones in 5 lb bags
Marrow bones cut into 2-inch lengths

(quantity of bones depends on the age of the animal)

Liver sliced in 1 lb packages

OPTIONAL- Ground Fat.  Ask for beef fat WHEN MAKING YOUR DEPOSIT.  We have it ground and packaged in 5lb bags.  At certain times of the year, ground fat is unavailable as part of your order.  

OPTIONAL - Organ Meat:  Ask about organ meat WHEN MAKING YOUR DEPOSIT.  We are able to offer heart, kidney, liver, tongue, and oxtail (though the last two are not organ meats).   **We are UNABLE to offer tripe, cheeks, lungs, and brain. 

OPTIONAL - Additional Processed Meats:
Minimum 10 lb batches of processed meat. Each item below has additional costs that will be added addedto your invoice.  Added costs from the butcher are subject to change without notice.

4oz and 6oz oz Beef Patties (unseasoned) ($1.70/lb extra)

4oz and 6oz oz Beef Patties (seasoned) ($1.90/lb extra)
Breakfast Sausage 

($2.50/lb extra)
Maple Breakfast Sausage 

($2.50/lb extra)
Frying sausage 

($2.40/lb extra)

($3.10/lb extra)
JalapenoCheese Smokies 

($3.60/lb extra)

Jalapeno Cheese Smokies ($3.70/lb)
Garlic Rings 

($3.10/lb extra)
Hot Dogs 

($3.10/lb extra)
Pepperoni Sticks ($3.30/lb)


Costs:  Hoven Farms charges $7.27/lb on the carcass plus the processing charges for the cutting, wrapping, and freezing.  The processing charges will be approximately $1.90/lblb plus any additional processing charges.  These charges will be added to your invoice. 

This will make a 275lb half beef that is cut, wrapped, and froze cost approximately $2520 (total)

We ask that you pay your deposit today.  After we confirm the day and time of delivery, you will be emailed an invoice for the remainder of the cost of the half beef that will need to be paid the day of the delivery. 

How much meat ends up in your freezer depends on how big the carcass was.  You will end up with about 65% of the carcass weight as meat in your freezer.  With an average weight range of our animal, you will receive about 200-225lbs of beef in your freezer.  Around 5-6 apple-sized boxes of beef in your freezer.

Payment Options:

You can click through the emailed invoice and pay online, pay by etransfer to thehovens@hovenfarms.com, or pay cash on the day of delivery

If you have any further questions, please email thehovens@hovenfarms.com, call Lori at 403-872-3072, or ask a question on our Facebook page.