Pastured Free Range Chickens


5 Chickens $6.00/lb - $50 deposit 

Approximately 22.5lbs of chicken for an approximate total of $135

10 Chickens $5.70/lb - $100 deposit   5% savings 

Approximately 45 lbs of chicken for an approximate total of $256

20 Chickens $5.40/lb - $200 deposit   10% saving 

Approximately 90 lbs of chicken for an approximate total of $486

We have two processing days for you to choose from - July 8 and September 8. Chickens will be delivered/ready for pick up after that date.

Once we receive the final weight of your chickens we will email you an invoice of the final total price to be paid online before delivery (or paid at the time of delivery). 

Hoven Farms raises chickens on pasture.  This makes a great tasting food for you and your family.

As soon as the chicks are big enough to be on pasture, we move them from the brooder to their home on fresh grass.  We incorporate pasture moves so that the chickens always have fresh green grass to eat.

The chickens receive a grain ration of organic oats from our farm and a non-GMO supplement for additional protein.  Our chickens are soy-free and corn-free.