Tamara Ranch- 100% Grass Finished- Whole, Half, Split Half Beef Deposit

We have been friends with Tom and Margaret Towers from Tamara Ranch for over 20 years.  They grow their beef exactly the way we do- no chemicals, no antibiotics, no growth hormones.  They focus on regenerative practices, and Holistic Management just as we do.  

Tamara Ranch, grows 100% grass finished beef.

If you have any questions please see our contact information below.

How the Beef will be Cut:

Cross Rib – 3lb
Sirloin Tip – 3lb
Rump – 3lb
Chuck – 3 lb

Tenderloin – 2 steaks per pack
New York Strip – 2 steaks per pack
Boneless Sirloin – 2 steaks per pack
Ribeye – 2 steaks per pack
Round – 2 steaks per pack

Stew Meat
Short Ribs
Soup Bones
Heart, LiverTongue
Ground Beef in 1 lb vacuum sealed packs
Stir Fry Beef – 5 lbs in 1 lb packs

OPTIONAL Additional Processed Items:
Minimum 10 lb batch. Each item below has additional costs that will added to your invoice.

4oz and 6 oz Patties
Seasons Patties
Breakfast Sausage
Maple Breakfast Sausage
Frying sausage
Jalapeno Cheese Smokies
Garlic Rings
Hot Dogs
Salami (Pepper)
Pepperoni or Garlic Sticks

Costs:  Tamara Ranch beef sells at $4.44/lb on the carcass plus the processing charges for the cutting, wrapping, and freezing.  The processing charges will be approximately $1.20/lb plus any additional processing charges.  These charges will be added to your invoice. 

If you have any further questions:

-email thehovens@hovenfarms.com

-Ask a Question through our chatbox

-ask a question at our Facebook page

-Text or Call Lori at 403-872-3072