Place a Custom Order for Hoven Farms Grass Finished Beef

Due to the way beef is cut and packed, it is very difficult to set up an online store for individual cuts.  We have found that it usually leads only to frustration and confusion. 

We have found the absolute best way for you to get the grass finished beef you want is for us to be human beings and talk about it, instead of relying on complicated online forms and confusing ways and methods of getting you what you want.

We have looked for a solution and this method seems to be the best

1.  You tell us what you want - either by filling out the form below or giving us a phone call or text at 403-302-2748.

2. We tell you how much it will cost approximately.

3.  You confirm that you want the order.

4.  We pack it up and send you an invoice.

5.  You pay online.

6.  We deliver.

Delivery information can be found here.

So place your order below and we will be in touch!

A list of beef cuts and prices is located here.  Click to open in a new window.