Anti-beef push

Posted by Tim Hoven on

Have you noticed that there is a big anti-beef push right now?  We're being told that from a diet perspective bugs are in and beef is out.  

This was a fantastic podcast, and we hope you tune in to listen.  Jill Winger from The Prairie Homestead interviews Diana Rodgers, author of the book Sacred Cow.  

Some of the fascinating ideas that are covered in this podcast:

-the idea of "carbon tunnel vision"
-why the grasslands NEED cattle
-why is beef being vilified right now
-examining the "red meat is bad for you" myth
-what we can do about current (and future) food issues

And much more.

If you have an appetite for some organic, grass-fed, and finished beef raised on regenerative soil, we can help you!  Whole, half, and split half beef is available within the next few weeks. 

Fall is a great time to purchase beef that has been grazing on lush, green pastures all summer long.  

Enjoy the listen

Tim, Lori, and family