Do you know where your Beef comes from?

Posted by Tim Hoven on

Reserve your whole, half, or split half beef for this fall.
Hoven Farms is accepting orders to fill your freezer with organic grass-finished beef.
Our animals have been grazing all summer long and the meat that ends up in your freezer is second to none. Using holistic planned grazing, our animals move to new fresh pastures mimicking the ancient buffalo herds that built up the soils of North America for millennia. Our animals eat the forages, fertilize the soils and then move on to new grass. This movement improves the life in the soil, increases the water capacity of the soil, pulls carbon out of the atmosphere which is then stored in the soil, and grows better pastures for when the animals return.
And the end result is beef that is more nutrient-dense, has a better ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, and has been grown in alignment with how nature works.
There is limited processing capacity in Alberta so there are limited orders available. Book now to reserve your beef from Hoven Farms.