Grass Finished Tallow

Posted by Tim Hoven on

I was cooking a burger for lunch and I couldn't help but think of the tallow that I used to cook the meat patty.

The sun shines on the grass which is eaten and by the cow.  The animal takes that grass and converts it into energy.  The cow uses that energy to live, grow strong and grow meat and then stores the excess energy in into it's fat stores.  When we process those animals, we keep all the excess fat.

We use a slow cooker to turn (to render) that fat into tallow that we use to cook our food in.  

When you think of the first step of the process (the sun shining) and then look at the last step (cooking our food), it puts a huge smile on my face that I am cooking my food in stored solar energy, and I am going to be using that energy to nourish my body.

I like to think I am a free ranging solar powered human being.