Hoven Farms Smashburger at Doe(s)

Posted by Tim Hoven on

Tim and Lori had the opportunity to head over to the newly opened Doe(s) restaurant along the beachfront in Sylvan Lake.  

Tim received a phone call a few weeks ago about supplying beef to the restaurant which is located in the old Pete's at the Beach location.

We love the opportunity to work with other local business'.  We live a short 25 minute drive from the restaurant and spend a lot of time in Sylvan over the summer.

Doe(s) is primarily a pizza restaurant but they also offer a smashburger on their menu.

Tim and Lori met up with some friends and headed to Doe(s) on opening night.  

Tim always has a hard time ordering food in a restaurant.  You have the choice of what you WANT to eat and what you know you should eat. When you combine that with a usual disappointment in the quality of the meat on the plate, it can be enough to drive a carnivore beef farmer to try the salad!!

Tim is kind of picky when he goes to any restaurant.  He knows what good beef should taste like.  His biggest disappointment with a restaurant is when they cover their meat with so much sauce and spice, you cannot actually taste the meat.  There can be lots of flavor on your plate but all it is doing is covering up the bland taste of the meat. The flavour of the meat should be what you taste ad the seasoning and spice should bring the flavor out more, not cover it up.

When he sunk his teeth into that burger and could actually taste the flavor of the beef, a big grin covered his face.  The additions to the burger did not cover or hide the flavor of the beef, but added on to it and further brought out the subtleties of a grass fed beef patty..  

The burgers were excellent!  Instead of getting fries with the burger, freshly cooked potato chips  with a tasty dipping sauce was the side for the meats. It was an nice change from the regular fries you usually see on the menu.

There were a variety of different styles and tastes to choose from on the menu.

We will be back to try the other burgers and we recommend that you drop by for a visit and a burger!

Doe(s) Pizza - https://g.page/Doespizza?share