2022- Open Farm Days

Posted by Tim Hoven on

Thank you for supporting our family farm in 2022!  You are the reason that we are able to put food on our table.

Because you have walked alongside of us this year we wanted to offer you a special invitation to Open Farm Days 2022.

On Saturday, August 13th; 11 AM - 5 PM we will be opening our farm to you.  We will be hosting tours to show you how we grow our organic grass-finished beef.  

**Free Access**
-Walking tours (40 min) to see our beef cattle, Tabita our family milk cow, horses, ducks, specialty breed chickens, baby chicks, laying hens, bees, kittens, and dogs
-Learn a bit about our holistic planned grazing and regenerative farming practices
-Machinery tour

**Items for Sale**
-Hoven Farms Organic Grass Finished Beef
-Delish Eats- Food truck
-Purchase Hoven Farms BBQ Burgers & Ice Cream Treats & drinks
-Tamarack Jack’s Meadery
-Handmade crafts
-Cotton Candy
-Face Painting (face painting)

**feel free to bring a picnic lunch, a cooler if you decide to purchase beef, and CASH for the vendor booths

Please click the link to find directions to our farm on Aug 13th.

Use Google Maps "Hoven Farms" to find our location.

Click our link on the Open Farm Days website - Alberta Open Farm Days 

We can't wait to meet you!


Tim, Lori, and Family

P.S. If you plan to visit our farm please consider also visiting our friend, Brittany's flower farm Little Farm on Wall Street which is 5 minutes away from us. 
P.P.S.  If you'd like to watch us get ready for Open Farm Days please watch our stories on Instagram - @realhovenfarms