Pork- Whole Pork - $100 Deposit- SOLD OUT- Check back with spring of 2022

Regular price $100.00

Our pigs are raised on fresh certified organic green grass here on our farm.  
We feed them a pig ration of:
mixed grain- barley/wheat/oats, peas, sunflower, seaweed, limestone, pea starch
Here is how the pork will be cut:
Roasts are cut into 3lb shoulder roasts, and 3lb leg roasts
Chops and Steaks and cut 3/4 inch thick (4/pack)
Bacon and Pork Sausages
5lb ground pork (1 lb packs)

Size and Price:

There will be two different sizes of packages.  You can purchase half pork or whole pork.  We require a $100 deposit to reserve your half or whole pork.  You will pay the rest of the cost of the pork either before, or during the pickup/delivery.

The average whole pork will cost between $900-$1,100.

Please remember – prices are based on the hanging weight of the pig and the amount of pork you get in your freezer will be less than the hanging weight.  The price is $4.00/lb plus the processing charge for the cutting, wrapping, and freezing.

The pork will be ready for your freezer sometime between late August and early September.